Property Uses, Building & Development Quick Reference

This page covers common questions and requests related to property and land use (zoning), building projects and requirements, development projects, and zoning and permit questions.

Zoning Administration

Building Code Enforcement / Inspection Division

  • Building Code Questions: Building code, building plan review and building inspection questions, please contact the Building Code Enforcement/Inspections Division at 703-777-0220.
  • Inspections: To schedule, cancel, or see results from an inspection, use the Web Automated Inspection Request System (WAIRS).

Building Code Enforcement / Inspection Resource

Contact Information: Loudoun County Building & Development

Category Phone Number
Engineering Hotline 703-737-0116
Main Office 703-777-0220
Overcrowding Hotline 703-737-8190
Permits and Inspections 703-777-0220
Zoning Complaints 703-777-0103
Zoning Hotline 703-777-0118

Privacy Settings

The LEx platform provides an option for users to follow and receive updates on requests that have been entered by a fellow community member. While this is not available on all requests, it is an efficient option for several citizens to stay updated without submitting duplicate requests. On public requests, the username of the original submitter is viewable by fellow community members and a pin with the relevant information appears on the LEx map. Users always have the option to switch these requests from public to private using the toggle at the bottom of the request form.


Should you require further assistance with completion of this form, please contact the Public Affairs Manager in the Office of the County Administrator at 703-777-0113.