Business Assistance Team: Health Department

The Loudoun County Health Department plays a key role in the establishment and operation of restaurants, caterers, bed and breakfast facilities, certain child care facilities, community pools and hotels.

Restaurants / Food Service/ Mobile Food Vendors
Before a new restaurant can open anywhere in Loudoun County, the Environmental Health Division of the Health Department must be notified and paperwork submitted and approved prior to opening. The necessary forms are available on the Restaurants / Food Service page.

Hotels, Motels & B&Bs

The Health Department also provides forms and information concerning regulations for hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast establishments.

Septic System Questions

If you are interested in opening a restaurant at a winery or other location not on public water and sewer, the Division of Environmental Health needs to be contacted for a well and septic system evaluation prior to construction. View Septic System information.

Health Department Contact Information

For more information, call Environmental Health Technician Terry Morris at 703-771-5513.