Moorefield Station Integrated Energy Management Plan


The Moorefield Station Integrated Energy Management Plan (IEMP) provides an energy and sustainability framework to guide future development within the county. Initially, the IEMP will be applied to the transit-oriented Moorefield Station development located at the terminus of the "Dulles Silver Line" Metro rail station. However, the county intends to use the IEMP as a model for all future developments and integrate the programs throughout the county's policy, economic development and community incentive efforts. Loudoun County is leading the development of the IEMP by using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds directly allocated to the county from the Department of Energy (DOE) with additional support from the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation.

The IEMP integrates and aligns with the broader county Energy Strategy (CES) which includes a vision for the county to have reliable and affordable energy, be energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The IEMP provides the framework and programs required to realize and implement specific aspects of the CES and achieve the related goals.

IEMP Report

This report provides a summary of the IEMP development process, application to Moorefield Station and a detailed discussion of several of the critical elements. Supporting analysis and calculations are also included in the Appendices for further detail and information. The report includes nine major sections. View the final Moorefield Station Integrated Energy Management Plan (IEMP) Report.

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Questions and comments on the report can be directed to Alan Brewer, Energy and Environmental Program and Policy Administrator, at 571-258-3444 or email Alan Brewer.