Reporting an Engineering Issue

  • The goal of the Infrastructure Compliance Team is to provide the citizens and homeowners of Loudoun County the best possible resource to submit their engineering complaints. 
  • The Infrastructure Compliance Team accepts requests and inquiries through the County's citizen request tool, known as LEx. 
  • By submitting a LEx request, inquiry will be routed directly to the appropriate staff person.
  • Using this tool to submit a request will enable you to track the progress of your request and receive updates from staff.
  • Signing up for a LEx account is quick and easy. To learn more about LEx, visit the LEx homepage.
  • Please note: The information you submit through this form is public and may be subject to disclosure through the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Submit Your Engineering Issue Online


If you have additional questions regarding engineering, please call the Engineering Hotline at 571-252-0857.