Permit Number

All permit numbers begin with a letter that corresponds to the permit type:

  • B: Building
  • E: Electrical
  • G: Gas
  • K: Fire Suppression / Alarms
  • M: Mechanical
  • P: Plumbing


Permit numbers may appear in two different formats, depending on whether they were issued before or after the implementation of the LMIS Permitting system.

Newer Permit Numbers

Newer permit numbers with a Permit-Issue-Date of "2001-11-05" or after follow the format of one letter followed by eleven numerals. For example:

  • B90004180100
  • E70003120101
  • M90005260101
  • P00007250101

Older Permit Numbers

Older permit numbers with a Permit-Issue-Date prior to November 5th, 2001 follow the format of two letters followed by five numerals. For example:

  • BP99299
  • GP75777
  • MP33213