GRACE Mentoring

About the Program

The GRACE (Go-Reach-Assist-Challenge-Empower) Mentoring Program is a faith-based mentoring program for adolescents. It is coordinated through a partnership between the Loudoun County Juvenile Court Service Unit (JCSU) and the faith community.


There is a continuing need for mentors from the faith community who desire to assist and guide teenagers for at least one year. The relationship developed between the mentor and the mentee will be one of friendship and trust. The mentor will have the support of the mentee's family and of the JCSU GRACE Coordinator.

The GRACE committee holds monthly meetings to review cases and discuss other issues and events in the faith community that promote the mentoring program and the recruitment of new mentors.

Prospective mentors are interviewed and must also authorize the JCSU to conduct a background investigation and criminal history check prior to their volunteer service.

More Information

For more information, contact the JCSU at 703-777-0303.