Counseling Support 

It is normal and often very common to experience depression, anxiety, sadness, anger, fatigue, nightmares, and difficulty concentrating after a fire. Children, as well as adults, can suffer from stress following a fire. If you or any member of your family needs support, the following agencies are available to assist with counseling services:

  • American Red Cross, Loudoun Chapter
    Phone: 703-777-7171 
  • Loudoun County Mental Health
    Phone: 703-777-0377 

Other Contact Information 

  • After the Fire Program Coordinator Joy Dotson
    Phone: 703-771-5511 
  • Animal Care and Control
    Phone: 703-777-0406
    Phone: 540-882-3211
  • Loudoun County Fire and Rescue
    Phone: 703-777-0333 
  • Loudoun County Fire Marshal
    Phone: 703-737-8600