Court Procedures

Arriving at Court

The front entrance of the courthouse is actually on the second floor. After entering the courthouse and passing through the security checkpoint, go directly downstairs and make a left at the hallway before the double wooden doors that lead to the Juvenile and Domestic Relations courtrooms.

Continue down the hall and you will see the Juvenile Services Intake Unit on the right hand side. If you are unable to use the stairs, take the elevator to the first floor, turn left out of the elevator, and continue down the hall to the Juvenile Services Intake Unit.

For More Information

For more information about court procedures, please contact the court at 703-777-0300.

  1. Appropriate Apparel & Personal Items
  2. Language/Physical Challenges

Appropriate Apparel 

You need to dress appropriately. Dressing neatly shows respect for the court. Please do not wear halter or tank tops, shorts, sandals, sweatpants, slippers, hats, and sunglasses unless you have a medical condition / sensitivity to light.

Personal Items

Do not chew gum or bring any food or drinks into the courtroom. If you have a cell phone, be sure to turn it off before you enter the courtroom. Cell phones with cameras are not allowed in the courthouse. You will be asked to place such phones in a locker.

All persons entering a county courthouse will be searched, and all bags and other items will be passed through an x-ray machine. Weapons such as guns and any knives are prohibited inside the courthouse. Cameras (including cell phones with cameras), video cameras, and photographic, recording, or similar equipment is prohibited inside the courthouse. Advise security if the above listed items are needed as evidence in your case.


You are discouraged from bringing young children with you to court. If you must bring them to court, bring an adult to supervise the children. You may be at the courthouse for several hours, so please make the necessary childcare arrangements to cover the entire day, including picking children up from school or daycare.