Greenlea Tax District - District 9

About the Greenlea Tax District

In its 2008 Special Session, the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation amending §15.2-2404 of the Virginia State Code authorizing an assessment for the purpose of local improvements to fund the improvement of a damaged bridge on Crooked Bridge Road in the Blue Ridge District.

The enacted legislation required a petition of not less than 50% of the property owners of Greenlea abutting Crooked Bridge Lane, who also own not less than 50% of the property within the subdivision. The Greenlea subdivision residents easily met this standard with a signed petition to the county requesting that the Board of Supervisors authorize and direct the establishment of an assessment under Title 15.2, Chapter 24, Article 2 of the Code of Virginia. The assessment is levied against the properties in the Greenlea subdivision to pay for the construction of the new bridge.

Special Assessments

On June 16, 2009, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance imposing the special assessment for local improvements to fund the replacement of the damaged bridge. The bridge was completed by a construction company selected by the property owners through their homeowners association, the Greenlea Homeowners Association II in November 2009. The cost for the bridge replacement was not paid for by local tax funds. The bridge was financed by the Greenlea Homeowners Association II in conjunction with a private lender. The county pays the proceeds for the special assessment directly to the lender(s) as directed by the Greenlea Homeowners Association II and payments are to be made solely from the collection of the special assessment imposed.

The Board of Supervisors and the county are only responsible for imposing the special assessment, collecting the semi-annual installments, and forwarding collected monies to the lender(s) solely from the special assessment revenues. The total amount of the assessments on the properties identified by the ordinance may not exceed $660,575.18, which is the estimated project cost financed over 15 years at 6% interest per year. The 19 properties in the community will be taxed equally and will pay the assessment in semi-annual payments. There is no local tax funding in this District / Fund.

Properties in the Special Tax District

To find out if a property is within the Greenlea Tax District, you may go to the Loudoun County Assessment and Parcel Database. The Special Tax District information is listed under the Profile section.