Hamilton Sewer Service - District 5

About the Hamilton Sewer Service District

Loudoun County formed the Hamilton Sewer Service District on July 15, 1998 as a service district pursuant to Virginia Code Section 15.2-2400. The provision of a sewage collection system and the availability of public sewage treatment for the community protects the health and safety of the residents and conserves property values within the district. The district as established includes properties located within the Hamilton Urban Growth Area.

All taxes levies and collected are pledged to repay a $2.8 million loan from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. This loan is financed by a combination of special tax assessments on the residents of the sewer district and an annual contribution of $88,000 from the Loudoun County General Fund. On July 15, 1998, the Board of Supervisors also approved a $218,000 grant to finance possible easement condemnation costs, availability fee loan programs, easement research and recordation costs, as well as reimbursements to the Loudoun County Sanitation Authority for engineering and other services. The Board of Supervisors approved the Hamilton Area Sewer Project service agreement on December 16, 1998.

Property owners within the service district pay an additional $0.30 per $100 of assessed valuation annually. This tax is paid to finance the amortized debt for installation of collector sewer lines and related treatment plant improvements.

Properties in the Special Tax District

To find out if a property is within the Hamilton Sewer Service District, you may go to the Loudoun County Assessment and Parcel Database. The Special Tax District information is listed under the Profile section.