Transient Occupancy Tax

Loudoun County’s Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) is a tax collected by operators of hotels, motels, boarding houses, short-term residential rentals, and other lodging places which can accommodate four or more persons at one time, including travel campgrounds that offer guest rooms or other accommodations rented out for continuous occupancy for fewer than 30 consecutive days. The tax is paid by the guest and collected by the lodging establishment on behalf of the County. TOT applies to establishments within the County and outside the incorporated towns.

  • The tax is 7% of the total amount paid by the guest or customer for room rental. Effective May 1, 2021 the tax will increase to 8% of the total amount paid by the guest or customer for a room rental.
  • The State also requires collection of sales tax on most room rentals. Lodging establishment operators should collect 13% of the room rental (7% TOT + 6% sales tax) in most instances and remit the sales tax portion to the VA Department of Taxation. For information concerning sales tax reporting requirements, visit the VA Department of Taxation website or call 804-367-8037. Effective May 1, 2021, the operator of a lodging establishment should collect 14% of the room rental (8% TOT +6% sales tax).
  • If the room rental charge is not separately stated on the bill, the tax must be calculated on the entire room charge. TOT does not apply to meeting rooms.
  • TOT is a trust tax where the lodging establishment operator acts as a fiduciary on behalf of the County; any TOT taxes collected from customers are held in trust for the County and must be reported and remitted quarterly by the filing and payment deadline.
  • If the room rental was subject to the tax but the tax was not collected, the lodging establishment operator is still responsible for payment of the tax to the County.
  • A quarterly reminder notice is sent to all entities registered with our office to report TOT. Filing should be completed online at and payment can be made online as well at the Treasurer's Office payment portal.
  • Of the seven cents per dollar collected (Eight cents per dollar effective May 1, 2021):
    • Two cents is allocated to the County’s General Fund.
    • Three cents is spent promoting tourism, travel, or business that generates tourism or travel.
    • Two cents funds transportation (Increasing to three cents effective May 1, 2021).

Due Dates and Penalties

Report and Payment Deadline TOT Collection Period
January 31 October - December
April 30 January - March
July 31 April - June
October 31 July - September
  • A 10% late filing penalty is imposed if the filing is completed after the reporting deadlines above.
  • Interest at the rate of 10% per year computed on a monthly basis beginning on the first day following the date upon which the tax was due will be added to the tax and penalty.
  • An additional penalty of up to $1000 may be imposed for repeated delinquencies.
  • Please contact the Business Tax Division by e-mail, or at 703-777-0260 with any questions.

Additional Requirements

  • Operators of hotels, motels, or other lodging places renting eight or more guestrooms are also subject to the Business Professional and Occupational License tax.
  • All businesses and individuals offering rooms for rent are required to report business personal property.