Arcola Quarters for the Enslaved

About the Quarters for the Enslaved

The stone Quarters for the Enslaved is located in Arcola, one of the fastest growing areas the county. The address is:

24837 Evergreen Mills Road
Sterling, VA 20164

There is currently no public access to the site.

Preservation Plan

The historic structure was proffered to the county by the Swiss developer Hazout SA. The Friends of the Slave Quarters hopes to develop and implement a Preservation Plan for the site and an Interpretive Plan for the buildings and grounds in order to increase public awareness and support educational activities regarding Loudoun County's African-American history.

Historic Significance

The Slave Quarters is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and Virginia Historic Landmarks Registry. The site taps into interest already stimulated by ongoing research into slave life at nearby properties, including Oatlands Plantation (run by the National Trust for Historic Preservation) and Sully Plantation (run by Fairfax County).

Neither Sully nor Oatlands has a slave dwelling still standing; therefore, this building also represents an important resource for regional research on architectural styles. The site will be a unique addition to the county's park properties, while helping to fill in some of the gaps in Loudoun's rich and varied history.

Additional Information

For more information, call 703-777-0343. For information about the Friends of the Slave Quarters (PDF), including how you can help, send mail to:

Friends of the Slave Quarters
P.O. Box 1251
Leesburg, VA 20177