Planning & Development

We support the department through facility planning and design, proffer management, recreational trail development, and project management activities by:

  • Providing site-specific analysis and design for the improvement of PRCS facilities, including short and long-range planning, proffer management, trail development and construction, and project management.
  • Enhancing and maintaining parks, trails, and facilities with the Capital Asset Preservation Program (CAPP).
  • Deliver technical assistance and oversight for the Department by reviewing land development applications for recreational opportunities and other departmental facilities identified in the Capital Needs Assessment (CNA). 
  • Manage various projects related to parks, trails, and facilities, including donated enhancements and amenities.

The Project Management Lifecycle

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Projects in Design are in the feasibility or planning stage.
Projects in Construction are in the implementation or completion stage.

PRCS works closely with the Loudoun County Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure (DTCI) on various Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Facilities Projects. Additional project information is available on the DTCI Projects, Studies & Plans page.

Our design standards and construction specifications can be found in the Construction Design Standards Manual (PDF) - Revised 2014

  1. Trail Projects
  2. Facility Projects
  3. Park Projects
  4. Capital Asset Preservation Program
  5. Countywide Linear Parks & Trails System

Natural surface trails represent an opportunity for a diverse mix of trail users to experience Loudoun County.  We have trails for everyone; equestrians, hikers, and bikes, etc.  Natural surface trails vary in width (2’-4’) and provide users a unique way to experience the history, resources, and landscapes throughout the County.  Additionally, paved trails within park facilities provide access to and from various features in our parks.  Both trail types can be standalone projects or elements of larger PRCS projects.


  • Byrne’s Ridge Trail Access
  • Evergreen Mills Equestrian, Hiking, and Biking Trail
  • Round Hill to Franklin Park Trail


  • Sugarland Run Stream Valley Park Eagle Scout Trail Project