County Requirements


The Loudoun County Health Department sends out letters to the 1,400 plus owners of alternative septic systems each year advising them that they are required to have their system inspected no later than July 1 of that year.

The Health Department has also begun sending out cards to owners of conventional systems of the need to have their septic system tanks pumped out every five years.

The Loudoun County Ordinance Chapter 1067 - Ordinance to Regulate the Establishment, Operation, and Maintenance of Alternative On-site Sewage Disposal Systems establishes requirements for operation, maintenance, and inspection of these alternative septic systems.

Colloquial Names

Examples of alternative systems by some of their colloquial names are:

  • Aerobic treatment unit (ATU)
  • Drip distribution
  • Low pressure distribution (LPD)
  • Peat filters
  • Sand filters
  • Spray irrigation 


Manufacturers names, include:

  • Advantex
  • American Drip
  • Aquarobic
  • BEST
  • Eco-Flo

  • FAST
  • Geoflo
  • Puraflo
  • Whitewater

If you have one of these systems, it is most likely that you have a alternative system and if you did not receive a letter from the Health Department, you should call the department at 703-777-0234.

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