Medical Reserve Corps

Need for Volunteers

The Loudoun MRC has been recognized by both the national Medical Reserve Corps and by Loudoun Cares for its work in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has shown us the critical importance of having a strong MRC that is available to respond. Therefore we want to make sure that we continue to have a robust MRC ready to support the health department with any future emergencies, whether naturally occurring or man made, and we encourage anyone interested to join now.

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MRC Background

If a bioterrorism event or epidemic requires it, the Loudoun County Health Department is prepared for the possibility of opening emergency mass vaccination and medication dispensing clinics in select locations throughout the county. 

  • Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteers, both nonmedical and medical, would be key to staffing these sites. 
  • Nonmedical volunteers would perform key clinic roles such as registration, data entry, language translation, medical personnel assistance, and directing foot traffic.
  • MRC members can also assist with other public health responses in our community and have the opportunity to be trained in CPR and first aid if they so desire.

Who Should Volunteer

Anyone who wants to help the Health Department keep Loudoun County residents safe from an outbreak of disease and protect the public’s health, no medical experience necessary.

For security reasons, if a disaster occurs volunteers (both medical and non-medical) need to be affiliated with an organization such as the MRC if they wish to be eligible to help; spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers are strongly discouraged and, if accepted at all, will have to be processed through a separate verification procedure before they can assist. Therefore anyone medical or non-medical who may wish to help should join the MRC now in order to be eligible to assist in case an emergency arrives.


  • A Loudoun County resident at least 16 years old
  • Willing to complete an orientation session and incident command class, either online or in person
  • Willing to serve during an emergency and has no professional or personal commitment that may prevent them from doing so
  • Willing to undergo a reference or background check

Note: There is no regular, scheduled meeting attendance required.


If you decide to become part of our MRC you will:

  • Be offered free training on such topics as CPR, first aid, incident command, and emergency preparedness
  • Play a significant role in keeping your family and community safe
  • Receive an orientation by the Health Department
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For further information or if you have any questions please email the MRC.