Consumer-Directed Services


Individuals who receive services through the Developmental Disabilities (DD) Medicaid Waiver can select Consumer Directed (CD) Services or agency-directed services, or a combination of the two, when developing plans to help them live successfully in their communities. CD Services allow the individual to be the employer. As the employer, the individual is responsible for hiring, training, supervising, and terminating his or her CD employees. When services are directed by the individual, the individual and sometimes his or her family decide what service is needed, who will provide it, when it will be provided, where it will be provided, and how it will be provided.

The amounts and types of supports and services that individuals receive from caregivers vary greatly from person to person due to individual circumstances and preferences.


The program is coordinated through a service facilitator who oversees the contract, develops and monitors individual service plans, supervises caregivers to ensure effective and appropriate delivery of services to the consumers, and responds to parents / families / guardians' needs and concerns.

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