Case Management / Support Coordination


The Loudoun County Support Coordination program coordinates the delivery of services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This includes a comprehensive assessment of individual needs in the following areas:

  • DD Waiver Eligibility Screening
  • Housing
  • Income / Finance
  • Physical Health
  • Psychological / Psychiatric Treatment
  • Vocational Training / Employment

Service Plan

Once the individual has been assigned a Support Coordinator, an individualized service plan is prepared. The Support Coordinator then assists the individual and family by linking or connecting them with the identified, available service provider(s) or resources.  Once the plan has been implemented, the Support Coordinator monitors the plan on a regular basis to assure that the services address individual health and safety needs are effective and that the individual is satisfied with the providers and the services available.

Applicant Criteria

In order to be eligible for services, the applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of Loudoun County
  • If the applicant is between birth and six years of age, a developmental evaluation with a diagnosis of developmental delay or intellectual disability
  • If the applicant is six years of age or older, a psychological evaluation completed prior to the age of 18 providing a developmental/intellectual disability diagnosis with a full scale IQ of about 70 or below
  • Have significant deficits in at least two areas of adaptive living skills (i.e., communication, self care, home living, social / interpersonal skills, use of community resources, self direction, functional academic skills, work, leisure, health, and safety)

For More Information

To ask a question or request more information, please contact:

MHSADS, Sterling Office
21641 Ridgetop Circle, Suite 210
Sterling, VA  20166

MHSADS Access: 703-771-5155