Community Corrections

About Community Corrections

  • Our services include pretrial and probation supervision in addition to collection of court cost, fines and restitution payments.
  • Our programs are only offered to individuals who have been referred to us by one of the Loudoun County courts or the magistrate (Pretrial) or are the subject of a cases transferred to this office from another jurisdiction within Virginia. 
  • If you have been referred to this office for Pretrial or Probation Supervision, please contact us at 703-777-0110 immediately to ensure you are in compliance with your reporting requirements.
  • If an individual violates conditions of his or her probation or pretrial status, a Pretrial or Probation Officer will notify the referring court. The judge of the respective court will then make a ruling as to whether a violation occurred and can revoke bond, impose a jail sentence, fine, extend probation or a combination.
  • If you need to make a payment for Pretrial or Probation services, visit